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  26 Feb 2017 : 19:45

How Sony & The Movie Industry Are Tied To The U.S. Government & Military-Industrial Complex

It’s no secret that the CIA, the U.S. government, and the cabal have some serious ties in Hollywood.

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  23 Feb 2017 : 20:25

Our Sun experienced a mysterious, abnormal ‘cosmic event’ 7,000 years ago say scientists

Scientists say that during the mid-Holocene, the Sun experienced a mysterious magnetic ‘solar event’. Around 7,000 years ago, our planet was heavily ‘bombarded’ by a flux of intense cosmic rays.

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  23 Feb 2017 : 20:20

How Sunscreen Could Be Causing Skin Cancer, Not The Sun

Summer may be a long way off, but it’s never too early to start thinking about protecting your skin.

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  09 Feb 2017 : 09:10

Uncovering One of the Worst Crimes in History: Industrial Farming & The Wake of Humanity's Future

The treatment of industrially farmed animals is one of the most ethically questionable practices of our times.

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  09 Feb 2017 : 07:05

Gandhi's Anti-Vaccine Views Ring True A Century Later

Almost one century ago, Gandhi published a book where he deconstructed the dangers and lack of effectiveness of vaccines and the agendas surrounding them. His voice rings true now more than ever.

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