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  06 Jul 2016

Here's What The Rockefeller Family Knew About UFO's

What evidence is available suggesting that the Rockefeller family had information regarding UFOs and possible extraterrestrials?

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  05 Jul 2016

Wikileaks Documents Surface Discussing The Existence of ET Life & UFOs

Wikileaks is a major attention grabber, so it’s a great way to bring more attention to the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon that’s been gaining heavy interest over the last few years.

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  02 Jul 2016

Why The Russian Government Called For An International Investigation Into US Moon Landings

Not long ago, a spokesman for Russia’s government Investigative Committee called for an official investigation into the United States moon landings.

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  29 Jun 2016

Scientists Capture Fascinating Raw Footage Of A UFO Showing At Their Observatory In Norway

Scientists in Norway have captured fascinating footage of UFO's at their observatory.

Dozens of governments and defense intelligence agencies have released telling documents painting a very intriguing picture. These objects are commonly tracked on military radar, both confirmed by the pilots visual, as well as on airborne and ground radar simultaneously. This is something that’s happened thousands of times. For example, here is the latest batch of UFO files that were released by the United Kingdom. Here is a four page U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency/NSA report detailing one of these encounters, but again, there are thousands of examples.

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  29 Jun 2016

Stanford Scientists Observe A Man ‘Travel Outside His Body’ & Into Space – What He Saw Was Later Proven Scientifically

When you hear of subjects like remote viewing, astral projection or being outside of ones body, there may be some question as to whether or not these phenomenon are real.

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