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  07 Apr 2017 : 22:25

The Real Vaccine Story

We’re living in a precarious time as an increasing number of people are beginning to realize the extent to which those we’ve trusted to have our best interests at heart have let us down in profound ways.

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  07 Apr 2017 : 22:04

False Flag Terrorism: A History of Lies & Deception Explained in a 16 Minute Video (9/11 Isn’t The Only Example)

For those of you who don’t know, false flag terrorism is basically creating, organizing, and influencing “terrorist” attacks, blaming them on foreign “terrorists,” and then capitalizing on that fear.

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  07 Apr 2017 : 10:25

Uncovering One of the Worst Crimes in History: Industrial Farming & The Wake of Humanity's Future

The treatment of industrially farmed animals is one of the most ethically questionable practices of our times.

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  04 Apr 2017 : 19:10

See For Yourself: The Pentagon Spent $52.6 Billion Of Tax Payer Dollars On ‘Black’ Budget Programs. What Are They Hiding?

Many people on the planet have been and have become aware of the fact that multiple countries have piles upon piles of sensitive, classified, secret material on projects the human race knows nothing about.

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  30 Mar 2017 : 21:00

CIA Contractor Shares His Unbelievable Story About A UFO Sucking Up Water & Three “Men In Black”

Every single year the topic of UFOs continues to gain traction with regards to credibility and evidence.

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