The Lost Years of Jesus

This may be shocking news to some, but Jesus was not a Christian, and he never referred to himself as such.

This may be shocking news to some, but Jesus was not a Christian, and he never referred to himself as such. Neither did he refer to himself as Jew, Catholic, Hindu, or Buddhist. His teachings are Universal and free to all - they are not meant to be confined in any religious sect or dogma. They are meant to be internally realized within one's own consciousness.

"The Infinite Christ is everywhere; worship His nativity in Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Moslem, Jewish, and other true religious temples. Every expression of Truth flows from the All-pervading Christ perception, so learn to worship that sacred Universal Intelligence in every pure religion, belief, and teaching. Since the Cosmic Christ dreamed into existence the divine being that is man, you should celebrate the birth of Christ in your newly awakened equal love for every nationality and race." Paramahansa Yogananda

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"There is a distinguishing difference of meaning between Jesus and Christ. His given name was Jesus; his honorific title was "Christ". In his little human body called Jesus was born the vast Christ Consciousness, the omniscient intelligence of God omnipresent in every part and particle of creation." Paramahansa Yogananda

The following paragraphs are taken from the highly recommended book written by the great master yogi Paramahansa Yogananda who shares the same spiritual lineage as Jesus. This amazing book,The Yoga of Jesus shares a much different understanding of Jesus and his life:

"The continuity of God's words through His avatars was beautifully symbolized by the spiritual exchange between Jesus at his birth and the Wise men of India come to honor his incarnation.

There is a very strong tradition in India, authoritatively known among high metaphysicians in tales well told and written in ancient manuscripts, that the wise men of the East who made their way to infant Jesus in Bethlehem were, in fact, great sages of India. Not only did the Indian masters come to Jesus, but he reciprocated their visit.

During the unaccounted for years of Jesus's life - the scriptures remain silent about him from approximately age fourteen to thirty - he journeyed to India, probably traveling the well-established trade-route that linked the Mediterranean with China and India.

His own God realization, reawakened and reinforced in the company of the masters and spiritual environs of India, provided a background of the Universality of truth for which he could preach a simple open message comprehensible to the masses of his native country, yet with underlying meanings that would be appreciated in generations to come as the infancy of man's mind would mature in understanding.

In the New Testament, the curtain of silence comes down on the life of Jesus after his twelfth year, not to rise once more until eighteen years later, at which time he receives baptism from John and begins preaching to the multitudes. We are told only:

"And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in the favor with God and man" (Luke 2:52)

For the contemporaries of such an extraordinary figure to find nothing noteworthy from his childhood to his thirtieth year is in itself extraordinary.

Remarkable accounts, however, do exist, not in the land of Jesus's birth, but farther east where he spent most of the unaccounted for years . Hidden away in a Tibetan monastery priceless records lie. They speak of a Saint Issa from Israel "in whom was manifested the soul of the Universe"; who from the age fourteen to twenty-eight was in India and regions of the Himalayas among the saints, monks, and pundits; who preached his message throughout that area and then returned to teach in his native land, where he was treated viley, condemned, and put to death. Except as chronicled in these ancient manuscripts, no other history of the unknown years of Jesus's life has ever been published.

Providentially, these ancient records were discovered and copied in the Himis Monastery in Tibet by a Russian traveler, Nicholas Notovitch. He published his notes himself, in 1894 under the title of The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ.

In 1922, Swami Abhedananda, a direct disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahansa, visited the Himis monastery, and confirmed all of the salient details about Issa published in Notovitch's book.

Nicholas Roerich, in an expedition to India and Tibet in the mid 1920s, saw and copied verses from ancient manuscripts that were the same, or at least the same in content, as those published by Notovitch. He was also deeply impressed by the oral traditions of that area:

"In Srinigar, we first encountered the curious legend about Christ's visit to this place. Afterwards, we saw how widely spread in India, in Ladak and in Central Asia, was the legend of the visit of Christ's visit to these parts during his long absence, quoted in the gospel"

India is the Mother of Religion

Her civilization has been acknowledged as much older than the legendary civilizations of Egypt. If you study these matters, you will see how hoary scriptures of India, predating all revelations, have influenced the book of the dead of Egypt, and the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, as well as other religions. All were in touch with, and drew from, the religion of India, because India specialized in religion from time immemorial.

So it was that Jesus himself went to India; Notovitch's manuscript tells us:

"Issa secretly absented himself from his father's house; left Jerusalem, and, in a train of merchants, journeyed toward the Sindh, with the object of perfecting himself in the knowledge of the Word of God and the study of the law of great Buddhas."

This is not to say that Jesus learned everything he taught from his spiritual mentors and associates in India and surrounding regions. Avatars come with their own endowment of wisdom. Jesus's store of divine realization was merely awakened and molded to fit his unique mission by his sojourn among hindu pundits, Buddhist monks, and particularly the Great Masters of Yoga from whom he received initiation in the esoteric science of God-union through meditation.

From the knowledge he had gleaned, and from the wisdom brought forth from his soul in deep meditation, he instilled for the masses simple parables of the ideal principles by which to govern one's life in the sight of God. But to those close disciples who were ready to receive it, he taught the deeper mysteries, as evidenced in the New Testament book of Revelation of Saint John, the symbology of which accords exactly with the yoga science of God-realization.

The document discovered by Nototvitch lend historical support to my long-held assertion, gleaned from my earliest years in India, that Jesus was linked with the rishis of India through the Wise Men who journeyed to his cradle, and for whom he went to India to receive their blessings and to confer concerning his world mission. That his teaching, born internally from his God-realization and nurtured externally by his studies with the masters, expresses the universality of Chris Consciousness that knows no boundary of race or creed, I shall endeavor to make evident throughout the pages of this book.

Like the sun, which rises in the East and travels to the West spreading its rays, so Christ rose in the East and came to the West, there to be enshrined in a vast Chistendom whose adherents look to him as their guru and savior.

It is no happenstance that Jesus chose to be born an oriental Christ in Palestine. This locale was the hub linking the East with Europe. He traveled to India to honor his ties with her rishis, preached his message throughout that area, and then went back to spread his teachings in Palestine, which he saw in his great wisdom as the doorway through which his spirit and words would find their way to Europe and the rest of the world. This great Christ, radiating the spiritual strength and power of the Orient to the West, is a divine liaison to unite God-loving people of East and West.

Truth is not the monopoly of the Orient or the Occident. The pure silver-gold rays of sunlight appear to be a read or blue when observed through red or blue glass. So, also, truth only appears to be different when colored by an Oriental and Occidental civilization. In looking at the simple essence of truth expressed by the great ones of various times and climes, one finds very little difference in their messages. What I received from my Guru and the venerated masters of India I find the same as that which I received from the teachings of Jesus the Christ."


~Paramahansa Yogananda (source: The Yoga of Jesus)


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