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Tag: "Evolution"

How Memory Can Advance or Hinder Evolution - "Remember Good Experiences" By Paramahansa Yogananda

Our consciousness is enormously powerful and it goes whereever we choose to focus it. Once this is fully realized, it's easy to see how different thoughts can effect us and our world. And some of our strongest thoughts are memories of the past.

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The Principles of Omni Science

The world is amidst great change and it is accelerating at a breathtaking pace. Timeless understandings are re-emerging now in the minds of many. It is truly a remarkable time to be alive!

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The Terrible Truth About Facebook & It's Dangerous Technological Hazards

Many people see “Facebook” merely as a fun social network tool that allows them to conveniently share selfies and pictures of tasty meals online – not realizing that they are engaging in something causing extensive harm on a wide variety of levels.

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