Ex VP of Citibank & Former GM of Citicorp Now Advocates For Animals & Veganism - Find Out Why in This Powerful & Life Changing Speech He Recently Delivered

Philip Wollen is an Australian philanthropist. He is a former Vice-President of Citibank and was also General Manager at Citicorp. Wollen became a vegan following his departure from Citibank and is a prominent member of the animal rights movement.

He conducts intervention programs to rescue abused animals and funds outreach programs that promote animal welfare and abstinence. At age 34, Australian Business Magazine named him in the "Brightest and Best" top 40 headhunted executives in Australia. In 2005 he received the Medal of the Order of Australia and in 2007 he won the Australian of the Year (Victoria) award. In 2012 he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Centre of Animal Ethics, UK. In 2014 he received the University of Adelaide Distinguished Alumni Award. He also received the award "Vegan of the Year 2014". Wollen went to school at the Bishop Cotton Boys' School, Bangalore. He delivered The General Thimayya Memorial Lecture Bangalore, India in 2008. He lives with his wife Trix and his four dogs in Melbourne, Victoria.

If you've been feeling a call in your conscience toward veganism but are still unable to commit, this speech will help inspire and motivate you to make the changes you want to deep down inside. Phillip Wollen is a very self realized and divinely empowered individual. His words have strong truth force impregnated with his beautiful soul qualities - when someone speaks with such Satyagraha, it can actually effect physical changes that help to eliminate negative habits and stimulate brain cells in new ways. Here's just a small portion of this powerful and extraordinarily moving speech which you can watch in full below:

​"So if meat is the new tobacco, then dairy is the new asbestos. These are not industries, these are atrocities...Victor Hugo said "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come" And that's true. But I would also add "There is nothing more destructive than a bad idea whose time has passed". Meat and dairy's time has passed. You see it is not just about animal rights - it's also about human wrongs. Animal rights is now the biggest social justice issue since the abolition of slavery. This is a revolutionary event, more powerful than the industrial revolution. We in this room are on the right side of history. Believe me when I tell you that vegans are creating a new age of enlightenment, the second renaissance.
​Now the most beautiful word ever written at any time at any time in any country from human history came from India, from the Upanishads 3,000 years ago - Ahimsa - nonviolence to any living being. And I choose to define it as nonviolence in everything we do, say, and think. So when I am asked to describe myself I describe myself as Ahimsan therefore by definition I must be vegan. Not because veganism describes our nationality, our politics, our religion, our diet or our lifestyle but because it describes our character. It says we oppose violence wherever and whenever it occurs. Now all of you in this room probably know the golden rule, do undo others as you would like done onto you..."

VIDEO: Philip Wollen at the World Vegan Summit