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Suppressed Technology

  20 Jun 2018

Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants: A Key Step on the High-Way to Free Energy

Global nuclear energy has entered a mature phase of its development. Many reactors have worked through their planned life cycle. The time has come to decommission them.

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  20 Jun 2018

Don’t Jump on The Thorium Bandwagon – It’s Not Green, Not Viable, And Not The Answer To Our Energy Problems

Thorium still represents a very large threat to the planet whose problems over current nuclear systems exist only in details. It is not eco-friendly by any stretch of the imagination, although it is being promoted as such to nations around the world.

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  15 Jun 2018

Fireman's 'Energy Energy' Prophecy Predicts the End of Energy Corruption & More: "OPEC's Regime Will Crumble"

While many so-called prophecies have never born their fruit, there are enough that in fact do occur as prophecised to give good cause for a reasonable amount of consideration.

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  07 Jun 2018

The Truth About Nuclear Power & Why It's Time for A Free Energy Revolution

We are amidst a highly explosive situation and no one is talking about it. Nuclear fission is killing our planet and the ability for organic life to continue and thrive here for multiple generations.

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  07 May 2018

Advanced Technology Insider Emery Smith Has Created Inventions that Can Heal the Planet

This prolific insider is also a skilled inventor who has developed a significant number of free-energy devices. As you can imagine, that did not go over too well with those who prefer a muted status quo. And Emery has faced numerous challenges.

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