Cancer: The Hidden Truth

Today, this dreaded diagnosis occurs far too often: “I’m sorry to tell you that you have a malignant tumor.”

Generally speaking, we all know what happens next: chemo, radiation, surgery - whatever invasive and painful “cure” the medical establishment is pushing at the moment for a given type of tumor.

News Flash #1: Doctors do not know how to cure inoperable cancer because the establishment (Cabal, Illuminati) willfully keeps any such knowledge hidden from 99% of the world.  In response to not knowing how to cure cancer, doctors push whatever they are told works by Big Pharma.  If that doesn’t work, they use something else, with more and different side effects, and on and on. The more side effects, the more drugs can be prescribed. The more prescriptions, the more money can be made.

News Flash #2: “People die from the treatments for cancers every day.  Doctors know that both chemotherapy and radiation destroy the patient’s immune system, the one system in our body we need to get us well and keep us well. In fact, when these same chemotherapy drugs are given to patients who don’t have cancer but have just received an organ transplant, these drugs are referred to, by physicians, as “immunosuppressive drugs” because they “suppress” the “immune system” – the system in our body that is critical for recovery from disease.” (source)

In the interest of giving our medical system a break, remember: almost all of the members of the system are as blind to the truth as is the average individual. They “just do what they’re told,” earn their big salaries, and if they get cancer themselves?  They know that in far too many cases, conventional treatments make patients worse, not better; yet they end up succumbing to the same torture because they don’t know what else to do. Meanwhile, Big Pharma and the elite keep the banks busy.


This image is a CT scan of a tumor in the liver, before and after chemotherapy.  The tumor had been reduced greatly as you can see the difference in size between the image on the right and the image on the left. On the other hand, the tumor is not completely gone – that is because this is an example of neoadjuvant chemotherapy where the tumor is shrunk to be easier to operate on. Despite this, you can also notice that the liver had ‘grown’ -- this is not as a result to chemotherapy – it is due to portal vein embolization. Both chemotherapy and portal vein embolization were needed prior to the operation. Chemotherapy reduced the size of the tumor immensely while the portal vein embolization had increased the size of the liver. In this case, chemotherapy was certainly helpful – the large mass that was once there had been removed because this treatment had made it easier to do so.


This is a PET scan of a woman who had gone through chemotherapy because she had leukemia. The picture on the left shows that the leukemia that is present in her bone marrow, however to an extreme level as shown in the red and green colors. On the other hand, in the picture to the right, which is after chemotherapy, the leukemia in her bone marrow still persisted; it just wasn’t as severe as it was before. In this case, chemotherapy was not as useful as we would have thought. The leukemia is still present and it can easily grow!  (source)

The flip side of the coin: There are treatments/cures for cancer that are not well known, and in fact, when effective, they are being denigrated by the establishment as “quack medicine.”

In Mexico, there is a facility using alternative treatments for cancer. “Hope4Cancer Institute is proud to provide Rigvir, a powerful treatment that selectively targets cancer cells with a radar-like precision. Rigvir is the only known genetically unmodified virus in the world that infects and kills cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells untouched. Historically developed as a melanoma therapy and proven to be safe and effective based on decades of research and clinical studies, Rigvir has proven effectiveness against a variety of other cancers. Today Rigvir represents the leading edge in science and evidence-based cancer treatments.  Hope4Cancer has signed a landmark cooperation agreement with the International Virotherapy Center, making it the exclusive provider of Rigvir in Mexico and paving the way for the rapid development of the cancer therapy in Mexico. (Rigvir is a registered trademark of the International Virotherapy Center).

Hope4Cancer® is known for its principle-based approach to integrative medicine. They offer non-toxic, whole body personalized treatment programs that include cancer busters such as   Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Hyperthermia and the Latvian cancer virotherapy, Rigvir®. A"Pac-man"-like non-pathogenic virus, Rigvir® seeks and destroys cancer cells, leaving healthy cells  untouched.”   (source)

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp 

Another promising treatment, and one that has not been circulated to a large degree, is Biophoton Therapy.

“… If we could take in the photons of other living things, we might also be able to use the information from them to correct our own light if it went awry."

“If cancer-causing chemicals could alter the body’s biophoton emissions, then it might be that other substances could reintroduce better communication. Popp wondered whether certain plant extracts could change the character of the biophoton emissions from cancer cells to make them communicate again with the rest of the body. He began experimenting with a number of non-toxic substances purported to be successful in treating cancer. In all but one instance, these substances only increased the photons from tumor cells, making them even more deadly to the body.

However, “In one of numerous cases, Popp came across a woman in her thirties who had breast and vaginal cancer. Popp found a mistletoe remedy (contained in Viscum Remedy of the CHIREN) that created coherence in her cancer tissue samples. With the agreement of her doctor, the woman stopped any treatment other than the mistletoe extract and, after a year, all her laboratory tests were virtually back to normal.” (source)

“BURZYNSKI: CANCER CURE COVER-UP (2016) is the story of a pioneering biochemist and medical doctor who discovered a unique and proprietary method of successfully treating most cancers. This documentary takes the audience on a near 50-year journey both Dr. Burzynski and his patients have been enduring in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of Antineoplastons. Defying the face of skepticism, legal attacks from state and federal agencies, and a powerful propaganda campaign to stop Burzynski – this doctor and his patients are still going strong.

Due to the continued failed efforts of state and federal agencies in their attempts to stop Burzynski from continuing to treat patients and expand his research, special interest groups have since launched a relentless propaganda campaign against Dr. Burzynski, and his supporters and patients, in hopes that this game-changing innovation never reach the open market.

The primary reason that the cancer industry and its regulatory agencies fear the approval of Antineoplastons is purely economical.

If Antineoplastons were FDA-approved for just one cancer type this would mean that anyone of any age diagnosed with any type of cancer could legally insist their oncologist provide them with Antineoplastons “off-label”. Given the gentle and nontoxic nature of these medications, most people would begin to opt for Antineoplastons as a first line of defense against their cancer instead of first choosing life-threatening yet profitable chemotherapy and radiation.

BURZYNSKI: CANCER CURE COVER-UP investigates this hidden cancer treatment and the decades of failed lawsuits the US government and FDA have pursued in order to try to silence him.”

The following video link connects to a documentary about Burzynski and his cure. There is a fee to purchase this video.

A word of caution:  beware of charlatans who prey on very ill and desperate individuals by promising esoteric and unproven treatments. Do your research and visit before submitting to any cancer treatment.

*By Janet