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Arnie Gundersen


Nuclear power plant whistleblower, Arnie Gundersen has more than 45-years of nuclear power engineering experience. He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) where he earned his Bachelor Degree cum laude while also becoming the recipient of a prestigious Atomic Energy Commission Fellowship for his Master Degree in nuclear engineering. Arnie holds a nuclear safety patent, was a licensed reactor operator, and is a former nuclear industry senior vice president. During his nuclear power industry career, Arnie also managed and coordinated projects at 70-nuclear power plants in the US. Here are some of his official credentials from his website:



Operator S License


Unfortunately, Arnie learned that the nuclear industry did not have our best interests in mind the hard way when he reported a concern he had over a containment issue while working as a nuclear engineer at the Three Mile Island site.  He was surprised by the strange response he received, and even more so when he was terminated shortly after. Since that time, he has been a strong advocate for renewable energy and played an important role in educating the community about the dangers of nuclear energy.


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Today Arnie is still working to share the Truth. He is a true hero. If you are aware of the actual nature of nuclear fuel and you also have even an inkling of conscience awoken within, then it is very hard not speak up about this issue. Educating others while de-powering these toxic death plants, while creating new alternative and free energy systems is vital for life on this planet, and this is exactly the work Arnie is involved in.

There are some excellent resources on Arnie’s website, Fair Winds Energy Education.

Below is a video of his keynote presentation on the 38th anniversary of the nuclear meltdown at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant.

He fills in a lot of historical details that are useful to understanding how such a great crime as this has been committed.

In it, he discusses his time working for the nuclear industry and the moment he realized the industry was trying to cover up the truth. The precariousness of the situation was not something that was communicated to the public. Three Mile Island came very close to exploding and becoming another Chernobyl.

Arnie Gundersen is one of the reasons why the plant did not turn the entire region into another death zone like Fukushima. He is a true hero. We have him, and others such as John W. Gofman to thank for that alarming but true fact. He is one of the brave and rare individuals willing to speak up, simply because they are in tune enough with a positive code of morals and ethics that inspires them to act for the good of all - even if that means losing their livelihood as Arnie did.

He also discusses new scientific findings about the disaster and why higher rates of radiation weren't recorded, then goes onto bust up the 3 myths of the Atomic Power Industry which are:

MYTH 1: Nuclear power is safe.

MYTH 2: No one has ever become ill or dies from nuclear power accidents.

MYTH 3: Nuclear power is the cheapest form of electricity.



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